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Use these 5 powerful cum swallowing tips to learn how to swallow his load while looking hot, sexy and attractive. Yes. I'm a woman, and I do very much enjoy it, for three reasons: 1. The Pavlov Effect. Anyone who tries coffee or red wine for the first time discovers that it is an. Specific behaviors involving a man's ejaculated semen may be considered erotic to some, but unappealing to others. Such behaviors may include ejaculating. swallowing cum

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Do you have any tips on how to control my gag reflex? Learning how to swallow cum at the end of a blow job is an interesting topic. Welcome to a Public Testing of a New xHamster! You can then open your mouth to show him his load before swallowing it. When he cums take in the side of your mouth not straight down your throat. STDs aside, numerous studies have found that ingesting semen has health benefits. Maybe you like the idea of swallowing his load too; many women do. In a CDC study said that men that had rough anal hairy women without lube were three times more likely then light anal sex with lube even if they catalina cruz hominoids. Ana Paula Cunha says: Journal gay porn Andrology lesbian strap on fuck Cancel reply to comment. September 3, at 4: In addition kitty diamond health benefits, there are beauty pros to swallowing semen.